Thank you so much for everything you have done for Francesca. It has helped her hugely, improved her confidence and motivation. She seems more like herself again.

Support is vital to people living with dementia, so that they can stay out of hospital, slow down the onset of the condition, and build confidence to continue living a fulfilling life. By supporting DIAL, you are helping us to provide this important service. 

Can you help us to continue?

We currently receive funding from the National Lottery but this is time limited, donations will help us to continue our work in the future. The work we do to help people living with dementia and their carers enjoy social interaction, physical activities and a place in their community.

Through DIAL, we get to know the individuals that we work with, and we support the whole person. We find out about their current circumstances and personal interests, creatively working to re-ignite past interests and hobbies that can be adapted to people’s needs today, or explore new activities that help to get them out of their homes and engage with their local the community.