Wimbledon Themed Group

Have fun at Wimbledon without leaving Wales! Hold your own event with tennis themed activities, food and drink. Strawberries and cream, anyone?

Items you might need:

  • Balloons
  • Fly swatters (Optional item, can be bought online for a reasonable price)
  • Tennis quizzes (such as the one in our Resources section)
  • Wimbledon themed food (e.g. scones, jam, cream, strawberries, Pimm’s style drink)


  1. Balloon Badminton: Start with blowing up a load of balloons. Give everyone a fly swatter if you have them or people can use their hands. Get participants to hit balloons back and forth to each other. This is a fun, physical activity to play. 

  2. Quiz round: Use a quiz from our Resources section (e.g. the tennis quiz) to continue the festive fun. This is a good activity for reminiscence and cognitive stimulation. 

  3. Wimbledon food: Get the group involved in prepping Wimbledon themed food. For example, cut scones in half and spread on jam and cream or share bowls of strawberries and cream. 

Party drinks: Create themed mocktails for people to replicate cocktails and Pimm’s. You could use diet lemonade, apple squash and add strawberries, raspberries and mint.