Sensory Bags

Sensory bags are filled with interesting textures and are a great way to stimulate the senses, bringing back past memories through look and touch.

Items you’ll need:

  • Dried flowers
  • Bags
  • Bowls
  • White rice
  • Fragrances oils
  • Dried fruits

Where to buy resources

Below are some examples of where you can buy similar products to those we use.


  1. Place flowers and rice into separate bowls

  2. Allow participants to smell fragrance oils and add a few drops to the rice and mix it well so the oil coats the rice

  3. Mix the coated rice and dried flowers into the bags to make lots of different smells

  4. Fill the bags until they are about 75% full

  5. Once complete, tie the bags at the top so the contents don’t fall out


This is a great way to makes use of different senses. It allows cognitive stimulation with smelling different smells, making different bags and feeling different materials. It also encourages reminiscence over scents.