Pom Pom Decorating

Pom Poms look colourful and feel great to touch! Explore colours and textures by decorating your favourite pictures with pom poms.

Items you’ll need

  • An interesting picture to be work with creatively
  • A choice of interesting pictures to work with creatively
  • Paint brush or glue stick to spread the glue
  • Pom poms and decorations


  1. Share the images you’ve printed out and let the person pick what they would like to decorate.
  2. Pop some glue onto the paper where you’d like each decoration or pop pom to be, one area at a time.
  3. Stick your pom pom or decoration to the glue and build up over time.


  • You can use buttons, sequins or strips of fabric to decorate the pictures
  • If the individual doesn’t want to decorate a picture you can ask them to sort the images into colour, size and texture. This is great stimulation for the brain.
  • You could also use paint, pencil or coloured pens to decorate your images.