Lolipop Stick Coaster

Lollipop sticks can be easily glued together and painted, to make all sorts of mini sculptures from coasters to keepsake boxes.

Items you’ll need:

  • Lollipop sticks
  • PVA glue/ double sided sticky pads
  • Paint/colouring pen
  • Decorations (buttons, gems, stickers)


  1. Take 2 lollipop sticks and place them horizontally the length of one lollipop stick apart
  2. Put glue along the 2 individual sticks, on the side facing up
  3. Start placing other lollipop sticks along the glued sticks so each end sits on the horizontal glued stick
  4. Once this is done you should be left with a solid square
  5. You can either leave it like that and decorate them with the paints or other materials you have, or you can use more sticks to build up the sides before decorating
  6. This activity can be scaled up to make place mats, photo frames or keep sake boxes


This is a fun activity that allows the participant to be creative with their hands. It can also create a handmade gift for family and friends.