Flower Arranging

Arrange flowers and decorate a vase to play with colour, composition, touch and smell.

Items you’ll need:

  • Plastic pots (pint sized)
  • A mixture of flowers
  • Decorating materials (stickers, buttons, gems)

Where to buy

Below are some examples of where you can buy similar products to those we use.

  • Plastic pots – Local bargain stores sell plastic storage pots, which work well as vases. Aim for a pint-sized pot.

  • Flowers – Cheap, pretty flowers from a local shop such as Lidl.

  • Decorating materials – Local value shops (such as Poundland) have great sticker packs.


  1. Give everyone a pot each.
  2. Share stickers, tissue paper, ribbons and any other decorative materials around the table.
  3. Start sticking items onto the pot however you like!
  4. You can make this seasonal around Christmas or Easter by theming the decorating materials and adding relevant flowers.
  5. Once the pot is decorated, share flowers to start arranging.
  6. Encourage participants to smell and touch the flowers and reminisce on what it reminds them of.