Clay Modelling

Air-drying clay feels lovely to touch, can be sculpted to suit your imagination, and can be painted once it’s dry. What will you make?

Items you’ll need:

  • Table covers
  • Air dry clay
  • Cookie cutters
  • Rolling pins

Where to buy

Below are some examples of where you can buy similar products to those we use.


  1. Cover tables or surfaces
  2. Give people a good-sized lump of clay
  3. Warm up in hands for a few minutes
  4. Roll out and shape using hands or cookie cutters
  5. Use pieces of lace, materials or knitted squares to roll over the top of the clay to leave a texture behind
  6. Create a model of something or shape the clay to make key rings or pen pots, for example
  7. Clay takes 24 hours to dry, leave somewhere safe, and warm to dry (not outdoors)
  8. Use the following session to paint and decorate, we recommend poster paint as it covers the shapes thickly


This activity uses the sense and allows cognitive stimulation with rolling out the clay. Creating an item encourages the participant to choose what they’d like to make and think about how they will do it. It’s not only a creative activity but also physical.