About The Exhibition

We launched Not Forgotten at Cardiff Story Museum in July 2019.

The unique event helped show Cardiff from other people’s memories, what the city looked like, and how people spent their time in the city. 

‘DIAL’ and ‘Not Forgotten’ have been capturing the memories and stories of Cardiff residents living with dementia, to help share their history. The exhibition hosts a documentary film, a display to delve deeper into memories and stories, a range of stunning portrait photography, and a variety of craft-based projects designed by participants to represent their Cardiff memories.

Alongside the exhibition, Not Forgotten hosts dementia-awareness sessions, as well as “how to” workshops in techniques such as Cognitive Stimulation Therapy and Reminiscence Therapy, which have been used to support people in sharing their memories.

To find out more about the exhibition, please email DIAL@platfform.org for more information.